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Get the right digital marketing foundations

Understand the Digital Ecosystem – and how to get all the elements working together.

Learn how to build a comprehensive digital strategy

Get an extensive, detailed, motivating and engaging introduction to the world of digital marketing.

Understand what actions will take you closer to the pinnacle of digital success

Build a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable business using the RIGHT digital marketing tools.

Up skill your Digital Marketing Knowledge with our training program.

There is likely to be a myriad of reasons that your online marketing efforts don’t work, but our experience leads us back to this common denominator – Lack of Knowledge.

We hear from business owners like you time and time again these comments

  • I didn’t know,
  • I didn’t realise
  • I wasn’t sure.

Sound familiar?

They then are often followed up with

  • I’m not tech savvy
  • I don’t have time
  • I find it all overwhelming

Our Digital Marketing training program, The Digital Ascent is specifically designed for service based businesses – but any business will benefit. The program specifically focusses on tools and tactics that business owners need to understand. We help you gain clarity and remove the overwhelm around what to do now and what to do next. 

In 8 weeks, we will equip you with the starting tools you need to turn your online presence into the client attraction engine your business deserves.

The digital landscape is always changing.

Which is why you need an experienced guide, your own Digital Sherpa. The Digital Ascent has been designed to suit:

  • Digital immigrants and Digital Natives
  • Marketing coordinators and teams
  • Social Media Managers
  • Business owners in service based businesses especially
  • And anyone else looking to get more direction in the digital space.

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Why is effective digital marketing knowledge critical in business today?

We are living in an age of unprecedented online opportunity.  It has never been easier to start or continue to grow a business, yet in many respects, it has never seemed so hard.  Many businesses are just not grabbing this opportunity with both hands.  It can seem a very overwhelming and time-consuming task that can get pushed to the side. 

Too often we see this work being moved to the “one-day” pile.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new startup or an established player, everyone needs the same thing – Digital Marketing Knowledge. 

  • Where do I start in the online world?
  • How do I leverage my online footprint to drive leads and sales
  • What do I need to know right now to really to help my business?
  • What can I do myself to save money and how do I implement it?
  • Where can I get the most bang for my buck?
  • What can I give to someone else to do, to save me time in my business?

Our digital marketing training program will give you the knowledge – and the results – that you need.

I’ve known and worked with Leanne for over 2 years – she has been a client of mine, I’ve recommended her to several of my clients and I’ve become a client myself! I’m constantly impressed by Leanne, she has that rare and invaluable combination of deep experience and expertise coupled with a commitment to staying on the absolute cutting edge of new knowledge and developments in the digital space.

Her Digital Ecosystem framework cuts through the potential overwhelm of the online world. She helps business owners deepen their message and stories and then seamlessly connects them with new audiences through their refined websites, social media, SEO and fabulous content. Leanne and her team make it so easy.

If you know you need to broaden your reach, increase your brand clarity and visibility and attract more of the right clients and customers, but feel somewhat mystified by the process (especially if you’re a “Digital Immigrant” rather than a native), I cannot recommend Leanne more highly to help you with those goals.

Angela Raspass

For the past several months I have been working with Leanne and her team at Adventure Digital and wanted to state publicly what a fantastic experience it has been so far. For years, ‘marketing’ has been on my to do list. Ideas have been in my head but basically nothing much had ever eventuated. Within a few short months, Leanne and her team have drawn out material from my head and have also used a bunch of existing resources I had to create blogs, landing pages, service guides and social media across four of my main services! It is fantastic to see how a professional team which knows what it is doing can create effective – and beautiful – content and material that works!

For any business owner who has marketing on their to do list and agonises over how to get started, take the easy rout and hire Leanne and the Adventure Digital team!

Sarah Gillis - Aspire Australia

 The material in the program has been filled with step by step examples that after the education you realise “I can do this. If you have avoided embracing technology in your business because of your fear of the unknown, then understanding your digital ecosystem with the summit program is for you!

Alicia Hendy - Hendy HR

I would just like to say how fabulous Leanne has been to work with. Her courses have so much information in them – the process is easy – the steps she sets out are achievable, and she is always contactable when you need to ask her those little questions that you just can’t seem to fix.

I think she is also one of the few people who I manage to last an entire webinar listening to. I love what she does – and with the minefield that can be the process of social media – Leanne makes wading through it all so much easier. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Cari Taylor - With Love by Cari

Leanne has taken a complex process and made it easy for me. I now know exactly what is going on at my website and I can find out all this information myself quickly. Finally I can make informed decisions about what website content is working and focus on growing my business.

Nathan Shooter - Thrive Media and Brandhood

Leanne O’Sullivan is amazing and I would recommend her to any business wanting to build and grow their social and digital marketing. I have completed a few of Leanne’s social media courses and learnt so much in a very short period of time. I am grateful for all my new skills and confidence in an area of marketing that is constantly changing.

However, the most impressive work Leanne did was help me solve a Google SEO indexing and navigation problem that was seriously impacting on our google ranking we had effectively disappeared from google despite having a mobile friendly site and thinking we have all the necessary infrastructure in place. I had a few SEO experts advise I needed to optimize my site more, but it was not making any difference and our ranking was declining very fast. When I approached Leanne within 24 hours she had identified the problem and advised how to fix it and now we are clawing our ranking back up. With Leanne’s expertise, advice and encouragement we are back on page one locally for our business and I didn’t need to optimize anything on my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nikki Tomasoni - Business by Design

Who is this course for?

The Digital Ascent Program can be completed by anyone with an interest in Digital Marketing for Business. 

But, it is particularly helpful for the following people:

  • Business Owners – especially people in the professional services arena & knowledge experts.
  • Your office/practice go-to admin person who would like to grow their career
  • Marketers/Administrators within a Business looking to upskill their digital marketing knowledge & skills
  • Communication Specialists looking to improve their digital marketing skills
  • Anyone over the age of 40 – I love digital immigrants!
  • Anyone willing to try new things and new ways of doing things
  • Anyone who is willing to feel a little uncomfortable with technology at times
  • Action Takers who can commit to 3-4 hours of learning & doing  per week for 8 weeks.

How does it work?

8 weeks, delivered virtually with weekly masterclasses, Q & A’s, loads of resources and 2 1:1 sessions to first get clear on your goals and then to discuss your personal brand.

Over the course of the Digital Ascent program, I will share with you practical and proven methods that I have successfully implemented in not only my businesses, but to many other businesses – just like yours. 

These actionable strategies contribute to online business success and the achievement of business objectives.

Get your bearings and map to the summit. We’ll take a reading of ALL your key data before we commence, and understand where the summit is. You’ll get all the checklists and handy tools you’ll need. I do this by helping you get clear on your client avatars, your business goals and your offer. I want to know what you want to achieve before we head off! We will also have a short 1-on-1 session in this week so that you can tell me your individual goals and a little about your business.

We’re on the path. First up, the Digital Ecosystem. What is it, why do you need it, what’s missing from yours and how to construct one so you can effectively plan for the future from a solid foundation. You will be auditing your current Digital Ecosystem and identifying from the very start what might be missing.

Let’s look at why your current web elements aren’t working together to achieve an optimal outcome for your business. Landing pages, email marketing, blogs and e-commerce, these elements should all come together to achieve your business goals. Getting into bed with Google. You will also have access to my library of web resources to help determine what missing tools you might wish to use in future.

In-depth look at your Social Elements – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram & Facebook Stories. We’ll walk you through creation, scheduling and audience demographics and building a social community. Whilst this is often the area people think is most important, I get you to focus on how this fits into your overarching business plans. It is a means to an end – not the end!

Content – the fuel that feeds your lead generation engine! If you are wondering why people wont take action from your website or your social media posts , it is often the LACK of quality content you are providing that causes this. We go deep into the content marketing elements you need and look at planning, implementation and timing to reduce feeling overwhelmed here. I also help you make time for this critical activity.

Search – it’s a 2-way street. It’s how our customers find us and how we find our customers. We look at search engine optimisation basics, keyword planning and intent, paid tools and organic tools ( like YouTube and Pinterest) to help attract your customers and get you in front of them. 

This is a special one-on-one session. Are you controlling your online narrative? We all have a personal brand, so what does yours say?
People buy from people they know, like and trust, so what does your online footprint say about you? How do ensure the message is the right one for your business?

Let’s turn all your hard work and knowledge into an action plan. I’ll show you how to structure a Digital Strategy plan and more importantly turn it into a series of 90 day implementation plans that keep you on track, focussed and agile so you can change course if you need to!

Your Guide

Leanne O'Sullivan

Digital Sherpa & CEO

I am the founder, CEO and Digital Sherpa at Adventure Digital.

With over 20 years working in the digital space, my attention is now focussed on helping you grow a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable business via my training & mentoring programs inside Summit School with Leanne O.

The capacity to learn is a gift,

The ability to learn is a skill,

The willingness to learn is a choice

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