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Each course is self-paced with short videos and straight forward worksheets, I take you step by step through each platform, core strategy and key tactics so you quickly develop your digital skills and confidence. The digital landscape will be demystified for you so you can take action to grow your business visibility, connection and customer base – a Summit School Subscription is the next best thing to having me right beside you in person!

Digital Ascent



Understand the Digital Ecosystem and how WEB, SOCIAL, CONTENT & SEARCH elements work together to create a unique Digital Strategy for your business.

Facebook Frontier



Learn how to use all of Facebook’s online advertising tools to grow your business. We cover both Facebook Ads and also Instagram Ads.

Instagram Landscape



Understand the power of Instagram to help you connect with and inspire your customers. We cover all areas of the Instagram playground including the Feed, Stories and IGTV

Hashtag Hike



Understand the Digital Ecosystem and how WEB, SOCIAL, CONTENT & SEARCH elements work together to create a unique Digital Strategy for your business.What are hashtags and learn how to use them effectively, for any platform – including Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Content Camp



Learn how to create, curate and schedule content that actually connects with your customers.

Explore Google



Understand what your business needs to know inside Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business.

 If you’re a keen digital DIYer or want up-skill your team, we’ve got you covered. This is a great way to work with us if you’ve got ambitious targets, but smaller budgets.

Learn how to successfully navigate the digital ecosystem and build a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable business.

If you have any staff at all working in this space I urge you to drop everything & do one of Leanne’s courses straight away. Leanne offers a fantastic learning and development product for social media. Being at home with social media usually, I was very curious to see what Leanne’s courses could teach me. Boy, was I wrong, I learned so much along the way with Leanne’s creative, enthusiastic and smart commentary to keep me across all developments! 

So very impressed!

Merryn Spencer - City Of Parramatta Council

 The material in the program has been filled with step by step examples that after the education you realise “I can do this. If you have avoided embracing technology in your business because of your fear of the unknown, then understanding your digital ecosystem with the summit program is for you!

Alicia Hendy - Hendy HR

I would just like to say how fabulous Leanne has been to work with. Her courses have so much information in them – the process is easy – the steps she sets out are achievable, and she is always contactable when you need to ask her those little questions that you just can’t seem to fix.

I think she is also one of the few people who I manage to last an entire webinar listening to. I love what she does – and with the minefield that can be the process of social media – Leanne makes wading through it all so much easier. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Cari Taylor - With Love by Cari

Leanne’s Facebook Frontier Advertising course was a real winner for us in terms of quickly finding our target customer and more importantly driving conversions and sales to our App. We quickly saw a significant return on investment once we got the fundamentals right. Leanne’s approach is to make sure we get the key steps right first and provides a clear framework to then just do it. 

Jo Otto - Maths Rockx

For a not-for-profit organisation we are extra careful about how we spend our budget so when I saw Facebook Frontier advertising ecourse I thought it would be a really good way to learn more about Facebook advertising without outlaying thousands of dollars. What I got from the course was so much more than helpful tips. 

I learn’t such a huge amount during those 3 weeks (at my own pace) and realised that the world of FB advertising goes way beyond the ‘boost page’ icon. I cannot begin to say how worthwhile this course was to our organisation.

Kim Seccombe - DREAM Festival

Leanne started with the fundamentals of marketing, showed us how to build a simple strategy and more importantly, showed us how to understand what ads were working and what didn’t so that you could focus the advert spend in the right place. 

Kim Seccombe - DREAM Festival

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