Tracy Sheen - Chat GPT and AI - An Introduction

Exclusive Masterclass

Wednesday, 11th October at 12.30pm AEST

Chat GPT – Friend or Foe?

In this webinar, Tracy Sheen will be outlining some key AI tools that you may not have heard of and how you can use them in your business right now. 

and yes of course she will be talking about the one we ALL have heard about – Chat GPT with some tips for how to leverage it within your business. 

Tracy is a past Australian Business Book of the Year winner with her book – The end of Technophobia and regularly appears on Kochie’s Business Builders as well as travelling Australia educating business owners on how to digitize their business!

This webinar is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toe in the muddy waters of AI. 

It’s here, it’s growing and it’s not going to take your job ( just yet 😉)

Secure your spot in my October webinar now – places strictly limited!

Tracey Sheen - ChatGPT