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We're on a mission to help your business, be the business you want it to be.

Don’t let circumstances own you and your decisions.

Be equipped to make the right calls, at the right time for your business.

This is where we come in. With over 20 years in the web and digital marketing spaces, we have seen a lot of business chaos in our time and have come out the other side. 

We understand the marketing cannot stop, it is often the difference between success and failure. This is an adventure like nothing you have ever been on and we are your digital sherpas, to help guide you on the path.

What's our story?

About Adventure Digital

Our business is a combination of web development, social media management, digital transformation and digital marketing training businesses. At various times each of us has thought there must be a better way.

Many of our clients came to us because they knew where they wanted to go, but felt like they were on the wrong path. They were sick of confusing marketing talk and paying for work with immeasurable results. We set them in the right direction. We acted as their guide. We gave them a map to real change.

We took them on an adventure – one that led to a better digital footprint, more sales and happier customers.

We can take you there too

We’re here for businesses who are ready to say “I need help with my digital marketing, I understand that our business is not doing this well and want someone to step in and do this in a way that suits my business. I want to understand what you are doing and why and I want to see results”. 

In nature, an ecosystem needs to be balanced to thrive. The same is true for digital marketing. 

That’s why we developed our digital ecosystem model. It ensures that we always work across the four key elements – Web, Search, Content and Social – for a more balanced and streamlined approach.

But, don’t fear. If you’re just looking for help with one or two facets of your digital ecosystem, or need to up-skill your team, we’ve still got your back. Our packages and education programs are designed to help you get the most from your digital footprint, especially now.

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We have been working with Leanne and her team for 8 months or so now. She’s helped us with our brand development & marketing strategy in an ever-changing digital landscape.

She’s worked with us on our Website SEO, Google Business, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn (including a staff wide LI masterclass), business awards applications and promotion of a hugely successful educational event.

Leanne’s strategic thinking and technical knowledge within the digital marketing space is phenomenal- she really is a Sherpa. Leanne has found and fixed problems we did even know we had. She’s able to balance the creativity needed for the marketing space with the practicalities of getting tasks completed on time and on budget.

Her expertise and mentorship is really stepping up our marketing game and we are thoroughly enjoying working with her and the Adventure Digital Team. The best part is seeing the work generate genuine sales leads.

Melanie Dunn - Business Development Manager

Thanks to Leanne and the team at Adventure Digital, we’ve been able to improve the function, design, and feel of our website, increase our reach on social media, and produce useful content for our clients. The resulting increase in awareness has directly led to additional sales. We’d like to thank Leanne and Adventure Digital for their supportive and professional approach, and happily recommend them to other businesses requiring assistance with their digital presence.


Leanne is such a pleasure to work with – full of encouragement and great ideas, I found her approachable and professional. Leanne helped us to redevelop our website, as well as offering lots of insight into improving our social media and general online presence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leanne to anyone looking to improve their marketing strategy and online presence. Leanne ‘s enthusiasm and knowledge is invaluable.

Lizzie Waters - Owner, the Dill Tickle

Leanne – seriously you really are the guru!

Thank you so much for your presentation last night, it was so engaging & insightful. Everyone raved about how much they got out of it & clearly really enjoyed what you had to say.

Katie Kidd - Regional Manager MBA Western NSW

I would highly recommend Leanne O’Sullivan to anyone looking to maximise business & professional success via the creation of sound digital marketing strategy & a highly professional online presence.

For those who have much to learn about the digital world, Leanne immediately inspires confidence. Backed by a wealth of experience, she was able to quickly assess my unique situation, reflect it back to me in a way that conveyed understanding, & quickly helped me to understand what would happen next (both short-term & long-term). Just as importantly, she helped me help myself by giving less time to low-value tasks & activities, & more time to high-value tasks & activities. In addition, Leanne patiently answered dozens of questions on all the changes we were working through & was highly responsive to any requests that I made.

Finally, Leanne coached me through moments of self-doubt & uncertainty (of which there were many) & brought optimism to every meeting. Needless to say, she constantly called out my successes (of which, I’m happy to say, there were also many). For all these reasons, I highly recommend Leanne if you’re wanting a digital marketing expert who will take a genuine interest in your business & professional goals, & go the extra mile to help you achieve them.

Dr Gordon Spence - Sustainable performance & Healthy Ageing Author and Educator

Leanne and the Team are great. We have been with them for many many years, right back when they first started out. They are really easy to work and communicate with, and have quick turn around time on things I need, and have taught me so much about websites, social media, google analytics and so much more! The knowledge they have between them all is amazing, and they are a HUGE help to me!

Sarah Hansen - Langley's Coaches/Pinetree Tours

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