Navigating a travel company through a pandemic.

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Our Partner

Langley’s is a coach travel company located in Dubbo NSW. They have been servicing this region – and beyond, for over 40 years. They offer coach tours for overseas holidays, extended tours around Australia, short breaks to regional towns, theatre tours to the capital cities and do day trips.

They also run school bus routes and can assist with school excursions – they can even design the itinerary and book all the activities, transfers and accommodation. 

What makes Langley’s unique is their passion for travel and compassion for their customers. Everyone must have a great time – and come home with wonderful memories. 

While of course every business is focused on turning a profit – this isn’t what motivates them. They’re not in this industry to make a tonne of money – they are here to provide once in a lifetime experiences.


Their website was outdated and the platform was frustrating for their team to use. They would often have to get outside help – but the team needed a user friendly site and wanted to be able to jump in and make changes themselves, with minimal fuss. 

They needed their customers to be able to access tours and information quickly and easily. They also wanted a more modern design that reflected the look and feel of their brand.

Our tours are constantly being updated and we add new additions throughout the year. Whenever we needed to make changes or updates, it was time consuming and fiddly. We don’t have time to muck around with these issues, we needed a site that was easy to use!

Outdated Website

No Content Strategy

Langley’s wanted their website to be strategically designed to showcase their key services and include engaging content. 

They were fortunate enough to already have a solid following on Facebook, as they have loyal customers. However, their content was being published on an adhoc basis, to an organic audience, with no strategy or regular schedule in place.

They needed help putting together a content marketing strategy, to stay front of mind with their current customers and generate interest from new ones. They needed help with email marketing and writing blogs, as well as Facebook campaigns, radio ads and other traditional marketing areas.

Langley’s had an incredible amount of support from customers in the Western region – once people travelled with them, they were loyal and always came back.

But they wanted to expand their reach, to other major cities, in order to include these people on their larger tours of Australia, or overseas trips. 

They needed to conduct lead generation campaigns, to target people from outside their traditional customer base. 


Our international tours and some of our larger domestic tours begin in Sydney at the airport. We realised, due to our ability to create flexible itineraries, that we could engage with people outside our traditional customer base, in major cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. They could hop on a plane and meet us in Sydney - and we would take the reins from there. This was an exciting opportunity to build more loyal customers outside the western region and move our business into the next phase.

Needed Lead Generation & Audience Expansion

No Marketing Roadmap

We began by assessing their business and their objectives, the amount of content they had and how it needed to be structured on their website.

We brainstormed regular content ideas for their blog, social channels and email marketing. 

We had regular meetings, where we really got to know their business – and why their customers were so loyal. 

We outlined their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and proposed several solutions that would help distinguish them from the competition, highlight their superiority in the industry – and ultimately, grow their customer base. 


Modern & Responsive Website

We developed a new website, using the Squarespace platform, which is simple and easy to use.

The end result was a stunning, clean and modern website, that showcases their tours and highlights what makes them special. Is it user friendly, meaning their customers can easily filter their search and browse through their brochure. 

We also implemented an SEO strategy after thorough research of their current rankings and those of their competitors. Their website is optimised for their key services and tours.

The improvements included:

  • responsive website – the site was appealing on all devices

  • adding a blog – to drive traffic, improve SEO and continue to build their brand awareness

  • integrating mailchimp – to encourage newsletter sign up

The nature of their business – and their company – meant they had some fantastic stories, sitting idle with their staff and their customers. They wanted a way to share these stories, for their posterity and for increased engagement

We put together a content marketing strategy to utilise all the tools in their digital ecosystem. This included:

  • implementing analytics to assess their traffic and ascertain what their audience was utilising and what they might be looking for
  • creating bimonthly blog articles, written from the owners perspective called ‘Travels with Phil’ that captures his tone of voice – to improve SEO, drive traffic and engage with their audience
  • creating an email marketing plan, to showcase tours coming up and encourage bookings
  • creating monthly organic social media posts with different themes, to continue to engage with their current audience – as well as designing paid facebook campaigns to grow it. 
  • creating testimonials to convey their value and share their success
    a full SEO audit that explores where they are ranking, where their competitors are ranking – and what we need to do to improve their position 

Our content strategy ensured their key messages were clear and consistent across their entire ecosystem.

They also wanted to share their stories. As a travel company with decades of experience, they had many! 

Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy

I am a logistics and operations expert – not a wordsmith.  Adventure Digital takes things straight from my mind and writes it beautifully, capturing exactly what I wanted to say. It’s like having a word guru, right there ready to help. It has taken a huge burden off us, leaving us to focus on other aspects of our business.


Lead Generation

Langley’s were in a position to use their mailing list to retarget customers and stay in touch with travellers about upcoming tours.

We began by creating Mailchimp and using it to market to their existing list. 

Our next goal was to grow their list, to include new leads from potential customers outside their traditional service area. Langley’s had many loyal customers from the region of Western NSW – but there was an opportunity to target people who live in major cities close to airports – for major tours around Australia (like Tasmania) or overseas (like Norfolk Island.) While they can’t get on the bus in Dubbo, they can meet the tour in Sydney, to begin their trip there. 

We executed several lead generation campaigns on Facebook, targeting several major cities, showcasing major tours and inviting people to sign up for more information. We were then able to build a segmented list of people who are interested in larger tours – and remarket to them down the track.


Increased followers on Facebook – from 1,400 to over 2000

Increased reach and engagement – The average reach for their organic posts has gone up to 1k – 1.4 k. Some posts have reached 34k. Engagement has also grown. Reactions, Comments & Shares went from an average of 50 to around 80 – 100 – sometimes as high as 1.4k. Average post clicks have increased from an average of 0, to between 50 and 100 typically, with more popular posts receiving between 150-250 clicks.

Increased website traffic –

Mailing list growth – contracts have grown from 394 to nearly 1700. The average open rate is 50% and average subscribe rate 300.0%.

Extended audience reach – We have gathered email addresses for over 100 people who are outside their traditional geographic reach.

While these figures represent promising growth and engagement with current and potential customers – our partnership with Langley’s extends far beyond this. 

After decades of travel they have so much experience under their belt so the ‘Travels with Phil’ blog has become a way for the family to get their precious memories on paper – and share their stories. 

We have become an extended part of their team, assisting them with any and all their content needs, including writing itineraries for their travel brochure, scripting radio ads and even liaising with government agencies.

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