Social Media & Content
Marketing Audits

Are you looking to get your social media working better for your business?
Get to the heart of where you are going wrong with our comprehensive audit reports. 

From $270 per channel/report

Are you looking to get your social media & content marketing working best for your business?

We all agree that social media done badly reflects poorly on a business. 

It’s often easy to identify messy feeds, off brand messages and community management fails in other people’s social content. But sometimes, we are too close to our own businesses to see where we are going wrong. 

Our Audit reports can quickly identify where your weaknesses are – and provide direction to make this better. 

We can audit all your social media channels and provide a thorough review of what content is working best for your audience. We will also indicate what might be missing. 

We will dive into who is actually looking at your content, when they are viewing it and if they actual fit your ideal client avatar. 

Creation of evergreen content that works just as well for your business today as it will in six months time is also a key part of a successful content marketing plan.

We can help you dissect your existing content and work with you to formulate a plan to make it even better.

Social Media Audit

More than simply reviewing your channels! We can tell you what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels.

Content Marketing Audit

Which types of content are working best for your business? What content needs attention and what should be thrown out? Our Content Marketing audit will help you nail your messaging.

Strategy Sessions for Social or Content Marketing

Clarify what you should be creating and posting online. Our team can guide you by creating a social media or content marketing strategy that works for your business.

Social Media Audits

All our social media audits include the following

  • Deep dive into your channel metrics and insights
  • Structure and timing of your posts – do they make sense? Is anyone actually online to read them?
  • Look and feel of posts – do you have a cohesive feed? Is your branding consistent?
  • Bio Descriptions, Profile Descriptions and About Information – are you missing this information or could this be improved?
  • Engagement rates – do people care about what you say? Do you see any likes/comments/shares 
  • Growth – is your account stagnant? 
  • Hashtags – are you using these appropriately


We can provide direction to help you make the whole thing look better, with the creation of an appropriate strategy and action plan. Plus – some design tweaks using custom designed CANVA templates to set you off on the right footing.

When was the last time the content on your website was updated?

Better yet, when was the last time an ideal client visited your site content? And if they haven’t visited, do you know why?

Our Content Marketing Audits review your site content and messaging to see if they are in alignment with your overarching business goals.

We look at structure, tone of voice, engagement and conversion copy. 

We also look under the hood to see if the correct SEO cues are in place to attract the right people in the first place. 

We then make recommendations on what can stay, what needs to go and what needs to be burnt!

Think of it as a little Kon-Mari-ing of your website content.

Content Marketing Audit

Strategy Sessions

Once you have your audit report, what next?

How do you move forward?

We find out clients benefit from an in-depth strategy session to focus on how they might better leverage social media and content marketing for their business. 

A deeper dive into customer personas, their journey and needs. Plus a clearer outline on your tone of voice, branding guidelines and a greater understanding of the kinds of information people need to read/see and experience to make the decision to deal with you. 

Check out our digital marketing strategy packs here

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