How to nail your brief and run a great project

There are a world of digital solutions out there to help you sell more online.

From e-commerce platforms to the shiniest new social media thing, Point of Sale tools and custom dashboards to keep your sales team active and accountable. And a lot of them rely on your ability to communicate what you need and want for your business.

So how do you a) get the best advice to choose the right tool or b) give the right information to get the right thing built for your business?

We work with clients on these types of questions every day. 

Far from just offering marketing advice, we make sure we really understand our partner’s goals and aspirations and design the best digital solution to fit them: whether that’s hunting out the best platform, building something to fit, or structuring internal communications campaigns to get the whole team on board.

Three steps to a better project brief


Photo of Lauren Millar, Marketing Specialist.

Lauren Millar

Marketing Specialist

Thanks to my news background, I have a love for storytelling. I am comfortable in fast paced environment and is always looking for the ‘next big thing.’ Every day I create content that is used across social media, websites and in marketing collateral. I like to find creative ways to convey the story...

Meet Lauren

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