Welcome 2023 – what’s it likely to contain?

Well hello.  and how is 2023 treating you so far?

I’ve had more sand in my toes moments this January break than I can even begin to tell you about! The entire team has had plenty of time to relax, with family, with friends and with food!

The 3 F’s!

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But now we need to turn our minds (however reluctantly) to the 2023.

It’s here and we are ready to help you make the most of your opportunities and digital adventures during 2023.

I’ve been thinking about what 2023 might mean for many businesses navigating the digital space and these are just some of the things on my radar .

1. AI/ChatGPT

Oh yes I am mentioning CHATGPT, or any one of many AI tools to help people write better.

See what I did there, I said write better – not write for you, but help you write better. I will be sharing some more thoughts around this later, but first I wanted to point you to the direction of a tool that you may already have – CANVA and what they are doing with their magic AI writing tool.

Read this and have a play – https://www.canva.com/magic-write/

These tools are not designed to replace you – they are designed like most tools, to help us do our jobs, better or faster. Stay tuned.

2. Paid Ads

Organic social is dead, we are all hiding in groups or playing on TikTok, so what is happening with Paid Search?

It’s not going anywhere!

If you have been flogging your guts out posting on social media for no $$$ return that justifies the time creating reels, stories or tiktoks, than maybe you need to stop playing and start paying.

Paying for Google Ads that is, or maybe doing Facebook Ads right – or even diving into TikTok ads (what TikTok!)

3. TikTok – or better yet – Short Form Video

Every year marketers say, “do more video”, and every year we kind of do, and then don’t. But the shift has happened, we watch moving things, it doesn’t need to be you dancing – it can be you talking – but every channel is looking to lean into the rise and rise of short form video – so successfully deployed by TikTok. So whether you still love the ‘gram, or learn how to do everything via YouTube – we will be watching videos on TikTok, Reels or YouTube Shorts in 2023.

We will be sharing some tips to help you create videos, from scripting what to say, to helping you turn a blog post into a short video, to animating existing tiles – not everything is going to be a some kind of dancing trend.

4. Time

Yes – this is a big one.

No time.

Most of you are likely strapped for arms and legs in your business. Whether you are a solopreneur wrestling with expansion, you have a side hustle that you want to make your main game, or even if your business already has a team, you are most likely looking for more staff. (Hey young marketing grad, I’ve got a role coming up!)

So when things are tight, people wise, things slide. Marketing slides – unless you have someone else to do it, or you are super organised and plan it first and then execute it. So I am going to be looking to share some thoughts around how to cut the crap from your Digital Marketing (and yes Social Media) plus also ways to speed up what you do and how you do it.

Are you ready to kick of your 2023 adventure?

If you are, reach out and let’s chat!


Leanne O'Sullivan

Digital Sherpa & CEO
I help businesses grow through strategic digital marketing.​ I am the founder, CEO and Digital Sherpa of Adventure Digital – a marketing agency based in regional NSW, servicing clients all over the Australian eastern seaboard. I’ve made it my life’s mission to help you grow a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable business.

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